The Museum of Human Achievement

15 Soft Encounters: An Experimental Speed Dating Event

To kick off our festival in 2018, we had Museum of Human Achievement from Austin, TX bring their crew of magicians back once more for another twisted spin on their brand of artistic engagement. 15 Soft Encounters is an eccentric revision of the traditional speed dating formulae. With participants being led through a series of strange activities to be performed with your partner of the moment, as chance cycles individuals from one chair to the next through the discourse of the event. From admitting bad online purchases while touching butts with your partner, to making them a fashionable outfit out of trash bags and tape, to eating an apple from the crevice of their neck, you will certainly break the ice with almost anyone and perhaps…even find love.

Computer P$y3ntology

A 6-step audit system to free the modern technoself from the current limits of consciousness. Participants advance through each step of the audit via a private viewing of virtual reality,, and other time-based media stations designed and commissioned by high level COMPUT3R P$Y3NTOLOGISTS. Each step will weed out potential trouble sources on the path to becoming an optimal virtual being and developing a healthy relationship with impending singularity.

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