Maya Meissner

The Cedar Lodge

The Cedar Lodge is the first photobook by photographer Maya Meissner, which tells the story of her family’s close-encounter with the Yosemite Killer in the late 1990’s. The project is composed of collages, photos taken as a teenager, altered family snapshots, and photographs made in and around the hotel where it all happened. Meissner investigates her discomfort, grief, confusion, and separation from the twist of fate through these varied perspectives. 

For Meissner’s project installation she elected to use the deck out back of the main gallery space, built in 2017 for another installation. On the opening evening her work was accompanied by sound remixed news clips from the time of the Cedar Lodge killings, facilitated by Mink Floyd, a fellow Marfa Open artist. Her work was given spotlight through the use of wheat paste, clip lights, raw lumber, and the radial vacancy of the lot surrounding.

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