[And their answers as time permits.]

What is Marfa Open?

Marfa Open is a two week Alternative and Contemporary Art Festival held every year in Marfa, Texas. Each year we invite a number of artists from across all mediums to come to Marfa to create and show their work. The costs for transportation, housing, equipment, supplies and materials are significantly offset [and frequently covered completely] by Marfa Open.

Marfa Open is also a certified 501 (c)(3) non-profit arts organization actively contributing to our community through festival, events, residency and exhibition. Our gallery/art studio/workshop/recording studio/event venue is available to local and visiting artists across all mediums. We show and sell and support art

The Marfa Open House is located in a building that was originally the railroad station and much of the historic beauty of the space has been preserved. The spacious grounds are available for installations and performances and are an ideal setting to sit on the grand porch or balconies and chat with other artists or laze around reading a book.

Who started it and why?

Seph Itz did because he loves art and feels compelled to do what he can to assist artists in realizing their vision.

When does Marfa Open happen?

Every year during the last week of September and the first week of October. [Although for 2019 we’ve extended the dates for another week.] Check our calendar for more information.

Who can enter/submit and how much does it cost?

We welcome submissions and proposals from anyone. If you have some idea that you’d like to see realized then please do let us know about it. While we can’t always respond to every submission [although we do try to follow up with everyone] we do review them all. We do not charge any fees to submit a proposal.

How can I help? Do you need donations/volunteers/sponsorship?

We appreciate you asking and we’re happy to have folks pitch in to help. We’re never not working on getting ready for the upcoming Marfa Open Art Festival and you should CONTACT US and let us know where your skills might be best used.

We recognize that there can be a shortage of cash when it comes to art projects and we’re more than happy to accept donations of materials, supplies, merchandise and services.

If you are a part of a company, organization or business and feel like you’d make a good fit as a partner and/or sponsor please do let us know what you had in mind.

What other events are held at the Marfa Open House?

Throughout the rest of the year Marfa Open House is home to gallery shows, concerts, workshops and residencies. We have been the proud home for the Marfa Film Festival and numerous other public and private events. We’ve hosted A-List production wrap parties, traveling/touring bands, formal weddings and receptions.

We work towards maintaining a consistent year-long schedule of programs and events and we’re always open to hearing your ideas for exhibitions or workshops. If you’ve got an idea we have the space and we’d be glad to hear from you!

What on-site facilities and amenities are available?

Marfa Open House is an event space with has a spectrum of amenities geared towards creating and showing works of art.

  • Very High Speed Internet [Uncommonly fast around these parts.]

  • Complete audio recording studio on site

  • A complete commercial kitchen for catering and food service

  • In-House Photography and Videography services including peripherals like tripods and accessories.

  • Workshop space with power tools including chop saw, etc.

  • Public address system w/ cables and mics

The Marfa Open House is situated on a very large fenced-in lot with an adjoining lot next to it.