Emily Esperanza

Esperanza is an accomplished film maker from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has lived and made work in Los Angeles and Chicago. She is currently touring her most recent film around the festival circuit. When not elsewhere she resides in Marfa, TX.

Room 22

For her project installation, Esperanza occupied the front bedroom in the gallery, typically reserved for real life travelers as an Air Bnb. “Room 22” is a room in an unmentioned motor hotel, inspired by transience and the ideas behind a shared space at different times, how the energy of situation imprints the spatio-temporal nature of human experience. As a part of the active gallery space, Room 22 served as a space in which individuals were invited to lounge in the atmosphere of Esperanza’s short film looping on the old tv, the whir of the mechanical fan, the ambiance of transience, physically and something more.