Christine Olejniczak

(in her own words)

I have been performing the sound of drawing on instruments of my own making since 1994. Drawing, photography, video and field recordings are all part of my practice. For many years I have considered the sound of drawing as a language. It's true. It's direct. It's real. My recent work also includes spoken word. These videos are the first time I have used my voice and my words with the sound of pencils on paper.

In 2017 I chose to sew all of the clothes I needed. By the end of the year I had produced almost 50 items. Creating my own clothes made me question what kind of image I was/am projecting to the world. What is my brand? I have lived in Marfa, Texas for over 17 years and have seen this small town used as a backdrop for many fashion and film shoots. What does it look like when it is my backdrop? I asked a friend to conduct surveillance on me. Baby Self is part of a series of videos based on those photos.

Mobius Musings is the second video in the surveillance series. I continue to explore my image through someone else’s eyes. What do I look like in the wild? I’ve changed. Marfa has changed. How can you tell and when did it happen?