Marfa Open Art Festival

Since 2016 Marfa Open has exhibited local, national and international artists for the course of a three week festival held in Marfa, Texas each Fall.

With the participating artists and the community of Marfa we have accomplished collaborative projects ranging from immersive installations to fine art exhibition. Our focus is to give the process of creativity a spotlight, from idea to presentation.

We see Marfa as something more than just a pass-through town or photo-op, but rather a nexus for transforming the creative atmosphere which we constantly inhabit. What we have done so far with only private funding is an excellent example of how to problem solve in a positive and intelligent way and best make use of the talents we each possess toward realizing a common aim.


β€œOne of my favorite things about the festival was getting to meet and collaborate with a wonderful variety of artists from Marfa and abroad. Collaborations were constant, natural, and ever evolving.”

Maya Meissner  | Marfa Open 2018 Artist



Marfa Open began as an annual festival held in the fall in Marfa, Texas.

Each year, since 2016, we invite a number of artists from across all mediums to come to Marfa to create and show their work. The costs for transportation, housing, equipment, supplies and materials are significantly offset [and frequently covered completely] by Marfa Open.

Marfa Open is also a certified 501 (c)(3) non-profit arts organization actively contributing to our community through festival, events, residency and exhibition. Our gallery/art studio/workshop/recording studio/event venue is available to local and guest artists across all mediums.

The Marfa Open House is located in a building that was originally the railroad station and much of the historic beauty of the space has been preserved. The spacious grounds are available for installation and performance and they are an ideal setting to integrate daily life and the artistic process.


We work to serve as a community art center where local and visiting artists are encouraged to create and exhibit work.

As an organization we have many aims geared towards addressing the needs of our community. Through the creation of media content and subsequent education it is our goal to facilitate a fully operable production studio in which both citizens of Marfa, and anyone else who might be interested, to create and produce video and media content for themselves. We enhance the awareness that the power of media and its ability to empower the creator more than the consumer are already common. As technology will progress, people everywhere are inextricably linked to the medium by which we communicate in the modern era.

In the realm of agricultural development and contribution, we seek to facilitate a community garden on our sizeable property that will offer organic, locally produced vegetables and greens to members through a CSA program as well as to our local markets and restaurant establishments.


are you ready?

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